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Sakura Live Apk is a very exciting live show and streaming app. Where you can enjoy communicating with your followers or fans easily and with the best app that offers you the best features. Not only that, but you can use the Sakura Live Show app to stream and watch live TV channels as you can enjoy live chat and easily get a VIP account. 

When the success of Sakura Live Apk China appeared on users' phones. Then many other developers updated and developed a new version of the app which is very specific and includes other additional features. So, we will provide you with all new additions to the Sakura Show apk below. Also, there you will find the quick link to download Sakura Live APK's latest version 2022 for Android.

This is an amazing live-streaming video app developed by a Chinese company, especially for Chinese people, and is very popular among Chinese people. But due to increasing popularity, this application is now available to people all over the world.

This app is ad-free and you can enjoy your favorite content without any delay this can be the main reason why this app is so popular all over the world and also has millions of downloads.

Also, this app is not just a live TV streaming app but also an app that lets you earn real money by playing cool games and completing daily tasks. The winnings are in the form of app currency which you can use to purchase certain in-app items. This is an amazing feature that lets you play great games and win some exciting prizes.

About Sakura Live MOD APK

Sakura Live Apk is the new MOD version of Sakura Live Show. Which is now one of the best live-streaming apps used in Asia. Because the app has many unique services and features which you cannot use in any other app. First of all, you will enjoy a very simple and beautiful user interface without any hassle. Also, use your account to sign up for Sakura Live.

Also, for the first time, you can use Sakura Live Apk to get all the app's services and extensions. One of the best upgrades available is when you reach SCORA 100 you will get new bonuses and upgrades for your account. Also, you can communicate directly with celebrities and do live chat. Plus the ability to virtually video chat with unknown friends on the go. Not only that but by the latest version of Sakura Live Apk.

You can enjoy watching an exclusive group of live-streaming channels while discovering talent and interacting with your fans. It offers many popular TV shows and you can use live chat to connect with other people and friends from all over the world and you can make many new social connections. With a very simple user interface, all permissions and restrictions are removed.

All previous bugs have also been fixed. Permanently removed unwanted permissions and services. Because there is no need to root your phone when you download Sakura Live Show Apk Latest Version 2022 for Android. Whereas the Sakura Live app is compatible with all Android/iOS versions and has more language support, translation, and other features which you can see below.

What is Sakura Live Show APK?

Sakura Live Apk is an Android application that broadcasts live videos. The app allows users to share their talents. It also contains a lot of embarrassing and adult content.

Misuse of this website is strictly prohibited. Accounts involved in such activities will be banned.

Video streaming apps or streaming platforms are becoming more and more popular today. This platform gives you an opportunity to showcase your hidden talent. If you feel that you have something that can attract people then start your journey from there.

This app gives you the option to start or create your account for free. The app can also be downloaded for free. Through in-app purchases, you can upgrade your profile level or buy coins to unlock premium features.

Due to the high price of the premium level, many people choose to get paid coins and items from illegal sources.

Here is the best option to meet new people from all over the world. People here have different countries, religions, and cultures.

However, it is more popular among Chinese, Indonesians, Japanese, Indians, and Pakistanis. Also, it provides an opportunity to chat with famous people.

However, users with premium profiles can access private chat. High-level users are entitled to all privileges as levels in their accounts.

Features of Sakura Live Apk:

For your convenience, we have mentioned some of the best features of Sakura Live. After reading the entire article you will not be confused about installing this app.


The name of this app is based on the currency it contains. As mentioned above, after playing the minigame at the end, you will be awarded a coin. And that coin is Sakura. By getting 100 Sakura, you will have the option to upgrade your account.

VIP account

Collect as many Sakura as possible to upgrade your account to a VIP account. This will increase the session time to view live video.

Live chat

If you are interested in making live chat ads and video calls with unknown friends, you can also use this app for that purpose.


The interface of this app has been kept very simple and easy to use so that it can be used easily by a novice and non-technical person.

Of course

If you feel that a live-streaming app may contain malware and bugs and may not be safe. So you are wrong, this app is reliable and safe to install.

As of now, it has more than 9k active users worldwide. A large number of registered users show how friendly it is.


You can register in this app using your number. Later you will get an OTP on your number which will lead to direct registration.

This app will never ask you for any personal data except your number. So ensure the safety of this app.


Start streaming whenever you want. And other users from around the world will join your live stream. If you want, you can add any of your friends to your stream by sharing the link.


You can install this Sakura Live app for free and it won't ask you a single penny before you install this app. Also if you want to download this app now then click on the given link.

Meet famous people

Everyone in this world is in love with celebrities. And you can get it too. Join live sessions of your favorite celebrities and comment live on their sessions.


This app is compatible with almost all devices, but the only requirement is that Android version 4.0 or higher.

MOD feature

  1.  Earn Sakura Coin by playing games and completing tasks
  2.  Extend live video viewing sessions by upgrading your account
  3. Start your live stream and users will join your stream from all over the world
  4. Live video chat and text chat with strangers
  5. User-friendly application and user-friendly interface
  6. Register your account by mobile number
  7. Join live broadcasts of various celebrities and interact with them
  8. This is a completely free app