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Dec 17, 2022

Cherry Tale Apk is an RPG developed by Neversoft. The story retells Little Red Riding Hood among others. The game has versions for Android and iOS. Cherry Tale allows players to bond with fairytale characters as they embark on a fantasy adventure. Little Red Hood uses his saw to cook and eat the Big Bad Wolf, who is not a gentlewoman.

Despite the wisdom and magic of the gods, the Fallen Angels have long been at war with humans. During the war, the Fallen Angels gradually gained power, tipping the scales. In return for God's help, people were forced to offer their magic. Humans defeated the Fallen Angels through divine intervention and ended the centuries-old war. According to the game's lore, "In time, empires arose around the world... Demons inspired by the magic of the fallen angels began to operate...".

Because humans have the wisdom and magic of the gods, they are able to fight the fallen angels long ago. During the war, the Fallen Angels gradually gained more power, which favored them. People had to give up their magic to seek help from the gods. Hundreds of years of war ended when God helped humans defeat the fallen angels. Empires flourished around the world. As time passed, the sealed spell began to come back to life...

There was never a time when things were as bad as now. In a world always at war, empires are blinded by ambition and desire. She summons the Demon King, who calls herself Cinderella and makes a deal with him to get what she wants.

About Cherry Tale Apk:

Neversoft is the company that created Cherry Tale Apk. In other stories, it is the resurrection of Little Red Hood. Both iOS and Android versions of the game are supported. In The Cherry Tale, players can embark on a fantasy journey with characters from the fairy tale and develop relationships with them as the journey progresses.

Little Red Hood, for example, is not a shy young woman; In fact, he prepared a place to prepare and eat the big bad wolf by cutting off its head with his chainsaw. "Despite the fact that man has the knowledge and magic given by the gods, his struggle with the fallen angels continues unexpectedly." As the conflict progressed, the Fallen Angels gained more and more power, eventually tipping the scales in their favor.

The only way to get help from the gods is to exchange their magical abilities for humans. Humanity triumphs over the fallen angels and ends a generation-long war with the help of the heavens. According to the game's canonical description, "Empires began to emerge from around the world." “Over the years, the power that had been sealed away began to reawaken… When the magic of the fallen angels began to take effect, their power awakened demons…

What is Cherry Tale Apk?

Cherry Tale Apk is a new turn-based graphics mobile anime RPG that has been released recently and is available for download. People who want to play games with beautiful anime scenes and amazing gameplay will want to download or check out these games. You can watch the game below:

Cherry Tale Humans endowed with god-given wisdom and magic, fought the Fallen Angels for an unusually long time. As the battle continues, the Fallen Angels gain strength, favoring them. Humans have no choice but to surrender their power in exchange for help from the gods. With the help of Heaven, humans defeat the fallen angels and end the centuries-old conflict. Empires began to form all over the planet. As time passed, the trapped spell reappeared.

High-quality RPG! A fantasy world with forbidden stories. The main enemy will go on a pleasant excursion with two beautiful women. Come and tell us your story! A variety of beautiful beauties await you, including rich girls, cold and distant older sisters, cute innocent girls, and more! They are watching everything you say and do!