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v1.3.4 for Android
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Oct 13, 2022

Download Gacha Lavender Apk - the latest version for Android. This is a new character creation and animation full-world app!

Gacha World is a collection of video games that revolve around the aesthetics of Gacha machines, Japanese gift machines that can be found in malls, subway stations, and shopping arcades throughout Japan. These are very popular machines that give you their gifts in the form of balls and often feature some very charismatic and fun characters to play with you.

The aesthetics of these machines are so appealing that many people devote themselves to assembling such figures and even machines. This is why a lot of video games have sprung up around Gacha Beauty with millions of users all over the world. Would you like to join Gacha World?

What is Gacha Lavender Apk?

Gacha Lavender is an Android game that allows you to create and animate your favorite Gacha characters. This is every Gacha fan’s dream! For example, imagine you have a large collection of Gacha dolls in your home: they are beautiful, but they are a lifeless and static collection.

With this application, you can design fabulous Gacha characters, choose clothes to suit them, add accessories like sunglasses, hats, or bracelets, and most importantly, let them speak for themselves.

Bring your characters to life with Gacha Lavender Beta!

Watching your characters move, express surprise, wink, walk, sit or turn is an unforgettable experience, especially when you animate them!

Anyone can design a character and put a preset animation on it, but if you spend a little more time designing the perfect animation for each character, you’ll see that each character has its own personality. For your character collection. The Grail is there. Alternatively, you can share it with your friends to show Gacha and see your collection in return!

Gacha Lavender Apk Features

Free animation of Gacha World characters is the main feature of this video game.

Custom poses are provided. This Gacha Lavender App allows you to create custom poses for each of your Gacha characters. Forget games where all characters express themselves in the same way! Each character should be different and have its own essence, so in this game, you can design your own poses for your characters.

About Custom Animation. In the same way, and how it can be done, this application allows you to create personalized animations for each of your Gachas. Static poses are all great and can be a lot of fun, but nothing beats seeing your characters alive and moving! Take advantage of the capabilities of this application and give your characters all the flexibility they deserve.

Built-in character generator. While this feature is currently in development, once enabled, you can create your own custom characters, not just animates! Some users complain that the app doesn’t have enough clothes and accessories, but they forget that this is a beta app and then all these things will happen.

Export to 4K PNG format. Export your letters in 4K resolution for detailed viewing on your computer, smartphone, or tablet! Share it on your social media and let the world know your oatmeal is the best because no one has the same style (or yours!). With this new 4K export option, you can thoroughly enjoy designing countless currencies for your oatmeal.