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Jan 21, 2023

Piece Odyssey Apk - For exploration, we can use any character in the crew and each has unique skills such as Nami earning more money, Frankie repairing the bridge, and Luffy climbing to the top.

A new RPG celebrating the 25th anniversary of the popular manga and anime series Piece Odyssey is now available! When the legendary Straw Hat pirate Luffy and his crew travel to the new world in search of the next island and adventure, Monkey.D. Luffy, better known as Straw Hat Luffy, and his Straw Hat crew are on their way. the next adventure, Unfortunately, their ship was wrecked in a storm during the voyage. Suddenly, they find themselves on a tropical island surrounded by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

Piece Odyssey App RPG has never been better and this is the best one yet. I think it's the best manga game out there right now because it has so many original and true features, but it's also a great way for fans to revisit some of the stories and characters from the past. It's amazing how beautiful the graphics are and how clean and colorful the maps are, you'll want to explore them all.

About Piece Odyssey Apk:

Piece Odyssey Apk, a project celebrating the 25th anniversary of Piece Odyssey, combines classic JRPG elements with unique Piece Odyssey elements to create a role-playing game. Piece Odyssey has been carefully crafted to allow fans to experience the world of Piece Odyssey... and it's finally ready to launch!

Piece Odyssey writer Eiichiro Oda contributed the main story as well as new characters and monster designs to the project. Additionally, the game features a specially composed soundtrack by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc., known for its work on games such as Dark Souls and Tales.

Captain Bandar d. Luffy and the Straw Hat crew get caught in a sudden storm at sea while traveling the Grand Line. As the storm subsides, they are stranded separately on the lush but mysterious island of Watford. There will be strange encounters with natural wonders, powerful enemies, and island inhabitants as the crew embarks on a daring new adventure.

What is Piece Odyssey Apk? 

Collect the Straw Hat Pirates or collect your favorite members from any crew, including the Whitebeard Pirates, the Mink Tribe, and the Seven Lords of the Sea. Travel from the East Blue to the Grand Line after collecting ships like the Going Mary and the Thousand Sunny! Every favorite character from Piece Odyssey is included in the Piece Odyssey Treasure Cruise.

This anime RPG takes you through the arc of the entire Piece Odyssey series from the beginning. Relive the action as you accompany Luffy on his journey to become the Pirate King and work alongside your favorite anime stars.

From Impel Down to Barati Restaurant and beyond, sailors and pirates face off in the adventures of Piece Odyssey. Join Luffy, Nami, and Zoro on a Going Merry adventure; Brook's Journey by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.; and his association with Trafalgar Law in Dressrosa.

In Piece Odyssey Treasure Cruise, the combination of turn-based tactics and a simple combat system creates non-stop pirate action! This anime adventure game unleashes punch and chain combos with special moves from the Piece Odyssey anime and uses a new tap timing method!

You can travel through the Piece Odyssey anime storyline with a cast of your favorite characters! Get a piece of treasure cruise now!

Features of Piece Odyssey Apk:

This video game is based on the Piece Odyssey universe.

  • All popular stories bring the Piece Odyssey anime story to life.
  • Battle and recruit Whitebeard for Buggy the Clown anime stars from each Piece Odyssey arc.

Anime episode stats.

  • Over 2,000 of your favorite characters from the Piece Odyssey anime can be used to form a team.
  • Seven Warlords of the Sea, Blackbeard Pirates, Marines, and other Piece Odyssey characters can be found, defeated in story battles, and get the required posters. Gather a group of pirates and strengthen your group!

RPG in anime.

  • Explore the strange and diverse world of Piece Odyssey with a 2D RPG!
  • RPG with a level-up system and break limit!
  • Build the strongest pirate gang in this anime RPG!

A turn-based RPG.

  • Turn-based combat with an easy-to-use touch RPG combat system
  • Timed attacks are used in RPG combat to unleash devastating battle chain attacks!
  • Turn-based tactical anime battles let you perform unique double attacks for more damage!

Embark on an adventure in the anime world of Piece Odyssey while fighting pirates! Try the anime RPG Piece Odyssey Treasure Cruise today and join Luffy and his pirate crew to become the Pirate King!

More Features 

  • When he gets separated from his crew, Luffy embarks on an incredible new adventure to find his friends and escape the island.
  • Dangerous new enemies, terrifying forces of nature, and more await you!
  • In Part One: The Straw Hat Crew, you can play as different Straw Hat Crew members!
  • This product is also available in Piece Odyssey Deluxe Edition and other digital formats. Be careful not to buy the same thing twice.


Mysterious island

After exploring the island, Luffy gathers his scattered crew. As they explore, they discover mysterious ruins and monsters that have never been seen before.

Despite the Straw Hats' initial enthusiasm for the deserted island, they soon discover two human inhabitants named Adio and Lim.

Discover a refreshing old story in the rich world of Piece Odyssey!

Like a straw hat

Defeat new enemies, discover old secrets, and live a pure adventure with the Straw Hats! You can step into the shoes, sandals, and hooves of Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Franky, and Brooke!

In addition to their various combat abilities, each character also has unique research abilities, such as Luffy's B. Gum Gum slingshot traversal and Zoro's ability to break through obstacles.

One part RPG

Experience quests and dungeons with an authentic feel with Piece Odyssey's dramatic cutscenes system! If Usopp is scared of an enemy and needs to be rescued, what would you do?

In addition to brawling arena combat, where players traverse multiple battle zones, the dramatic visual system allows battles to unfold in unpredictable and chaotic situations - players must be members of the Straw Hat crew to defeat your opponents. Allows use of the unique abilities of 

In addition to the main episode, players can enter other Piece Odyssey universes through side episodes and battles.

Manage the restaurant of your dreams

Customize dozens of kitchen components (stove, food processor, oven, etc.) to create the kitchen of your dreams! Manage your team and suppliers to source the best ingredients to impress the most demanding gourmets. Track your finances and estimate how busy you'll be so you don't feel overwhelmed when you go out to eat.

A menu according to your choice

Do you prefer boeuf bourguignon or cacio e pepe? Offer classic French, Italian and international dishes on your menu! Are you looking for more than just basic recipes? Take them to new gastronomic heights! Respond to your customers' expectations and adapt your menu seasonally.

Bake, chop, grate, and mix!

Each service will test your cooking and management skills. You will receive invaluable support from your team to meet the needs of your most demanding clients. Cut, cook and prepare to serve, where you let your creativity run wild.

A local cafe to a Michelin-star restaurant

Keep your loyal customers and expand your restaurant. Become a better cook by learning new recipes and improving your skills. Do you want to become a favorite neighborhood hangout or experience fine dining and eventually earn a Michelin star?

The New Adventures of Stravot

The JRPG Piece Odyssey is mostly based on the popular Piece Odyssey anime. All of the Starhawk pirates are represented in the game, including Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Sanji, Usopp, Nami, Chopper, Robin, Franky, and Brook. During your quest, you will encounter powerful enemies, wild nature, and strange places.

The game's turn-based combat features a rock-paper-scissors system. But this time, fists beat guns, guns beat swords, and swords beat fists. Along with the mysterious Lim, the game introduces Edo, a wanderer, and explorer who hates pirates. A giant fire-breathing lion and a giant scorpion are also featured in the game, as well as strange-looking creatures from the manga and anime.

This is similar to other Piece Odyssey games in that each Straw Hat member can unleash their own powerful attacks. Combined attacks with other party members can also be done if certain conditions are met. Although the game does not support multiplayer, it does support single players. Multiplayer mode is not available in this game. Also, you can only play with one pirate at a time.


A mysterious island destroys the Straw Hat Pirates, dividing the crew, and Straw Hat loses Luffy. Zoro, Nami, Brook, and Usopp are on the island when Luffy, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, and Franky arrive. They wander into King Kong Gardens, with Nami surrounded by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. in the distance. Before Del Kong can harm Nami, Zoro intervenes as he fights through the ice and dry penguins to reach Del Kong's lair.

When the Five Elders learn that the Straw Hat Pirates have destroyed the ship, someone is sent to Wayford.

Adio Suerte, a wandering explorer, and Lim, a young woman who is able to steal people's abilities and seduce them, meet the Straw Hat Pirates in Watford. She returns Luffy's straw hat, breaks the crew's skill cube, and returns Luffy's straw hat as a souvenir. In Memoria, a world made of their memories, the pirate crew must discover their lost abilities and explore a world made of their memories. The crew encounters familiar friends and foes in recreations of the Kingdom of Arabia, Water 7, Ennis Lobby, Marineford, and Dressrosa.


In Piece Odyssey Apk, players control Luffy, the Straw Hat Pirates, and some unknown characters. In the turn-based combat game, players travel around the island doing quests, exploring dungeons, solving puzzles, and fighting creatures. [4] There are side stories and quests that tie into the main story and are 20–30 hours long.

Active team members and reserve team members are split up during combat. There is no difference between an active group or passive group characters when it comes to gaining experience.

How to Download and Install the Piece Odyssey Apk on your Android phone?

Android users can easily install APK files by downloading them using Chrome, the default browser.

  1. You can download the APK file from a website offering the Android app. Don't hesitate to accept pop-ups saying "This type of file may damage your device."
  2. If your phone's web browser doesn't allow you to open the APK file after downloading, you can open the file explorer app, go to your device's Downloads folder, and tap the file there.
  3. Give the app whatever permissions it requests. Next, click the Install button at the bottom of the installer window.
  4. The app should now appear in your list of installed apps

Congratulations, you now have your app. Ensure it works properly by opening it from your smartphone. Replicate the process with another APK file if it doesn't work. There may be another APK site you need to try.

What are the Benefits and Risks of Installing the Piece Odyssey Apk on your Android phone?


  • Downloading APK files is often the best way to get the latest updates to applications before they go live on the Google Play Store. The best way to stay up to date with your favorite apps is to download APK files.
  • APK files of older versions of an app or game can also be used if you enjoy the experience of that version and feel that an update has broken or ruined it.
  • It is possible for people with harmful intentions to take advantage of APK files because they are versions of the app that have not yet been approved or shared by Google. It's just a matter of being careful and downloading only legal APKs.''


  • It is possible for your device to be damaged by malicious or fraudulent apps. It is possible to waste time and money on apps that are not even installed on your device if you don't take precautions. As a result, your phone will be slowed down by downloading a lot of unneeded and unnecessary files.
  • Apk files can be downloaded from several online sources. Nevertheless, not all of these are trustworthy, so you have to be careful when selecting. Malicious software may be contained in some APK files. Personal information can be stolen easily by hackers who can compromise your phone's security.
  • The Apk files can be accessed by hackers, who can modify them and add permission to the app to easily steal your data. Make sure you check the permissions of the Apk file before installing it. Unless it seems trustworthy, do not install it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How important is the Piece Odyssey Apk file? 

Ans. They are mostly invisible during normal use. However, APKs drive all the downloads on your phone, so even though you may not realize it, you deal with them all the time. One of the best things about using Android is sideloading APKs from sites outside the Play Store.

Q. Does Piece Odyssey App have a pirated version? 

Ans. The app is piracy, technically, since you are only allowed to use it if you downloaded it from Google Play. There are other ambiguities. When an app is uploaded to Google Play, every developer is following Google's terms and conditions.

Q. Can we edit the Piece Odyssey Apk file?

Ans. Using APKtool on a computer, you can decompile (and then recompile) the package and edit its files. It is essential that you understand Java and the Android and Windows file systems before editing an APK file. Only advanced users should attempt this.

Q. What is an EXE file?

Ans. When the user clicks an executable file (EXE File) icon, the system can directly execute the sequence of instructions it contains inside. The most common executable file format is EXE, but there are hundreds of other executable file types. 

Q. Can I send APK on WhatsApp?

Ans. You need to take a backup of the application you wish to send. Locate the Apk file you want to send in the file manager of your smartphone. Once you have selected the app, tap on share it via WhatsApp, then select the recipient you wish to send the file to.


You should have gained some valuable insight into how easy most Android apps are to take apart from the techniques and tools presented in this article. Additionally, I hope the Piece Odyssey Apk download described in this article will become indispensable additions to your Android development toolkit as it will provide insight into your production APKs, making your app list better.

Download Piece Odyssey APK is located in the Action category and was developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.'s. The average rating on our website is 4.6 out of 5 stars. However, this app is rated 3 out of 5 stars according to different rating platforms. You can also respond Piece Odyssey APK on our website so that our users can get a better idea of ​​the application. If you want to know more about Piece Odyssey APK, you can visit the official developer website for more information. The average rating is rated by 6778 users. The app was rated 1-star by 45 users and 5-star by 5808 users. The app has been downloaded at least times, but the number of downloads can reach . Download Piece Odyssey APK If you need a free app for your Action device, but you need 5.2+ version or higher to install this app.

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