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Apps, Simulation
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minus seven degrees
v1.4.5 for Android
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Dec 08, 2022

Tiệm Lẩu Đường Hạnh Phúc Apk Players will take on the role of a businessman as the boss. However, the path to this boss position was not easy. Players have to overcome difficult business challenges. To become the leader, the player also needs to defeat the enemy to attract the guest. If you don't want to do this work, you can choose anywhere in the world.

The gameplay in the game is very unique compared to other RPG games, which is attractive to the players. By participating in the game, players can collect customers to play with or directly become employees of the company. The game is inspired by many different games, so players can easily get confused. Although the difficulty is more complicated than many other games, you can be sure that there is a tutorial. Through the tutorial, you will understand the rules and how to play the game.

To find the mission in Happy Sugar Hot Pot Shop mode, people have to go through many challenges. Each challenge gives you a different experience. First, you have to choose your own business. In the process of doing business, you will suddenly encounter difficult customers. Now your job is to make them happy. Take the best food to satisfy the customers.

Earn coins like other games instead of doing business. Tiệm Lẩu Đường Hạnh Phúc Apk iOS allows players to do business in the form of selling hot pot and growing food. Every company has a different business year, so you need to add a lot of quality food.

For a hot pot restaurant to run smoothly, you need to balance the number and quality of employees. Furthermore, the level of investment needs to be stable for the company to function properly. In addition, the game also has decorations. With this feature, players can improve the look of the hot pot restaurant. If you change the interface depends on creativity without following any rules.

About Tiệm Lẩu Đường Hạnh Phúc Apk:

Tiệm Lẩu Đường Hạnh Phúc Apk is a restaurant simulation game available on iOS and Android devices. In the game Hotpot Story MOD Apk, you will build different kitchens to help people eat well; In this restaurant game, you find a variety of acceptable girls so that boys are attracted to them and come to eat in the restaurant and maybe they come back to find a girl for themselves and make the girl happy.

With amazing graphics and effects, Hotpot Story MOD Apk is a fun and exciting game. Despite the simple gameplay, you will always look forward to playing it. Once you get enough money from your customers, it won't be that difficult to build gyms elsewhere.

My Hotpot Story MOD Apk is an idle restaurant simulation game that you can play alone or with your team; You earn it yourself when you work hard. When hiring people to work with you in the kitchen, you need to make sure they understand what's involved. As a general manager, you are in charge of the customers who come to dine in the restaurant, whether they are men, women, boys, or girls.

When your customers come to you and tell you what they want in their food, it's your responsibility to know what ingredients to use. When they are hungry, you have to make sure they get their dream meal and come back for more. In a restaurant that isn't yours, you can slowly start building your own and create rules and regulations that you think will benefit them.

Dynamic activities are to be done:

In this game, you have to complete multiple tasks simultaneously in a fast-paced environment. It is important not to make mistakes, as they can be costly. You can ensure uninterrupted operation by following these steps:

The menu should be creative: if you always serve the same dishes, you will quickly lose your customers. To keep their interest, you have to be creative and come up with new recipes. To add variety, you can offer daily specials or seasonal dishes.

Organize your supplies: Be sure to track your inventory and restock when needed. When preparing recipes, you don't want to run out of ingredients.

Keep your customers happy: You can keep them happy by taking their orders promptly and serving them delicious food. Try to accommodate your special requests and cater to your needs. Having a good reputation will keep them coming back.

Hire and train employees: Your business will need chefs, servers, and other employees to operate. Make sure you hire the right people and train them properly to avoid future problems.

Solve problems quickly: There will be different types of customers, some of whom may be difficult to please. To maintain a good relationship, please be patient and resolve your issues as soon as possible.

Establish New Stores: Once you establish your first restaurant, you can expand your business by opening new locations. As a result, you will reach a larger audience and increase your profits.