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Bondee APK for Android無料ダウンロード

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アプリ, Puzzle
v2.0.0.622 アンドロイド用
1 25, 2023

We created Bondee Apk to provide you and your closest friends with a place where you and your friends can truly enjoy yourself.

Invite your friends

There is no limit to how many friends you can invite to your Plaza.


Become a true avatar by creating your own avatar.

Choose from a wide range of trendy and original clothes created by the best stylists in the industry.


The Bondee App opens directly into the Plaza where all your friends in the Plaza appear as avatars.

If you double-tap your friends, you can chat with them.

Feel free to express yourself through chat or status updates.


Live messaging keeps you always in touch with your friends.

It's easy to start a conversation and spice it up with your favorite status updates.

Here we go

Feel free to share how you feel in the comments below. To take a photo, simply tap the screen and choose your own animated emoji to express your emotions.

Use your camera and animated emoji to express yourself.

place, place

You can create a personal space to store your favorite things and make them your own. It's fun to meet friends and find other things to do.

Floating life

Get ready to experience the wonders of the ocean and face the unknown while exploring the ocean. You can play or choose booster bottles to interact with new friends.

Make sure you hang out with friends who really understand what you're going through.

Let the Bondee party begin!

If you would like more information about our privacy policy, please see our Privacy Center.

If you have any suggestions or problems, go to Bondee > Settings > Help & Feedback.

The following permissions are required when attempting to use certain features of the Bondee App.

  • Photo and Video Albums (Storage): Allows you to save your photos and videos and load saved content into your albums.
  • Camera: Use the camera to take photos, record videos, and scan QR codes.
  • Microphone: Create video and send voice messages and record audio.
  • Instructions: To send chat messages.
  • Contact: Find new friends.

Features of Bondee Apk:

  • Your photos and videos are stored in albums. You can also add it to your gallery.
  • You need a camera to take pictures, film, and read QR codes.
  • Video and audio messages can be sent and recorded through the microphone.
  • System notifications and chat messages are sent through messaging services.
  • Find friends who have signed up in Bondee through Contacts.
  • A wide range of trendy and unique clothes are available for avatar customization.
  • You can display your thoughts with "status", which is charming and attractive.
  • You can participate in fun "activities" with your friends.
  • Create an "apartment" in your "house" with your friends.
  • Swim to discover mysteries and wonders.
  • Up to 50 friends can join your seat.

What's new

  • Now you can chat with Bondee!
  • The avatar can be customized with a wide range of original fashion outfits.
  • With a beautiful and attractive "status", you can express your thoughts.
  • You can interact with your friends by doing fun "tasks".
  • Create your own "room" and "apartment" with your friends.
  • Discover the wonders and the unknown while diving.
  • Your Plaza can accommodate up to 50 friends.