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France Identité APK is a mobile application that has been available in early access since Thursday as a result of an inter-ministerial program, is currently only available on phones equipped with the Android operating system and the NFC short-range communication function.

It allows new credit card-sized ID card holders with an electronic chip (CNIE) to reveal their identity, for example on the Internet or during a physical transaction, with the ability to reveal only certain information. Which is easy to check. Prove the majority.

France is one of the last European countries to adopt the France Identité. Of this, 4.5 million tickets have been distributed since the summer of 2021. The project is the successor to Allison, a project launched in 2013 that aimed to use facial recognition but was blocked by police, including the CNIL, who were reluctant to share personal data.

  France Identité APK

About France Identité APK

France Identité APK is the name of the new government application that allows you to have a digital copy of the new generation identity card launched in August 2021. It's not fully available yet, but early beta testing has begun, currently only and to a limited extent on Android. The app is not currently available for download from Google Play, but the rollout will be expanded in the coming months.

To use this new service, it is first necessary to use a new generation identity card, which can be recognized as a bank card due to limited formats. You'll also need an Android smartphone with an NFC chip or an iPhone, although the ID cannot be accessed through the Maps application,

as is the case with some official documents in the United States. The NFC chip is first used to connect the card to the application, as the new generation has it. Once the app is installed, you can use it without a physical card to prove your identity.

The government currently offers two examples: package withdrawal and proof of age by simply showing the required information. More applications should be added over time and we can imagine that in the long run, the app could replace the physical ID card in most situations.

In addition to the possibility of carrying your smartphone with you to prove your identity, the France Identité program will play a role in the digital world. On the one hand, it allows you to send a temporary and time-limited copy of your ID,

so that the scanned document is not sent with all the associated risks, especially in case of identity theft. On the other hand, the application can be used to authenticate you on France Connect, the single connection system used by many government services (Tax, ANTS, La Poste, etc.).

The first beta currently running does not include all features yet, so the plan is to compile France Connect before the summer. It is gradually opening up to more users, but an iOS version is not planned until the end of the year.

What is France Identité APK?

France Identité APK is a new mobile service developed by the French government that allows you to show your identity card on your smartphone to prove your identity without revealing other personal data. Allows saving.

This new application works especially if you have a national biometric ID card with an electronic chip. It currently allows you to create a single-use certificate for administrative documents and prove your identity without having to carry it with you at all times.

Hence, it prevents identity theft and protects your personal information.

It's easy to use France Identité and save your identity card directly on your smartphone. After downloading and installing the app on your Android mobile, scan your biometric ID card to register in the app. You must enter a 6-digit personal code each time you use the App service.

You will then have the option to do 2 things: scan the QR code to access the France Connect service or create a proof of identity with the recipient's proof and expiration date. Documents can be prepared and sent.

The application allows French citizens to later connect to the service, verify a power of attorney, or prove their majority through the centralized France Connect system. It is only available to beta testers in early access before rolling out to all French citizens.

Features of France Identité APK

The key to making your online processes safer and easier

No more cumbersome management of multiple accounts and passwords! The Poste Digital Identity is your proof of identity and your universal connection to access hundreds of online services through the FranceConnect portal. This simple, secure, and free service saves you time in your online process and protects you from the risk of identity theft.

How do I create my La Poste digital identity?

How old are you, do you have a valid French ID and a compatible smartphone? Download our app and follow the creation steps or visit the post office to create your digital identity with an account manager.

Where can I use La Poste's digital identity?

You can use your La Poste digital identity to access over 900 public and private services online through the FranceConnect portal: public services, energy suppliers, banks, mutual societies, postal services, and more.

A universal digital identity service that enables:

You do not need to disclose all of your information to prove your identity, Make sure your username and password are up to date. Don't let your identity be stolen

Are you over 18 and have a new ID card?

By becoming a beta tester, you can preview the launch of France Identité.

Identity Request from France:

You can read your new ID from your phone, Protect your data by defining a personal code, can create a one-time reference to replace your ID card scan.

To come:

Validate all France Connect services, Protect your majority by not revealing your identity

We respect your information

The Application does not process your data for commercial or advertising purposes and complies with the Privacy Code and the General Data Protection Regulation (or RGPD).

The simplicity

Your ID card is a digital extension of this service. Projecting your title into the physical world is very easy.


This service protects you from identity theft. If you send them with absolute certainty, they cannot be seized, counterfeited, or marketed.

The regime

A new ID card, personal code, and mobile phone give you control over the distribution and use of your identity data.

How to use it?

  • Your identity card Cards and chips that store basic identifiers or key data (first and last name, date, place of birth, gender).
  • Your personal code An associated code with which the user can authorize the use of their data.
  • France Identité application An app that can create your digital identity, simplify its use, and access specific applications.

What does it enable you to do?

According to the reference framework of the European e-IDAS regulation, the France Identité APK must be the first application in France to guarantee a "high" level of digital identity.

This layer is not yet required for any online services but is expected to eventually allow fully dematerialized access to health data, proxies, or electronic voting.

Meanwhile, It provides access to France Connect, the portal used today by more than 37 million people to pay their taxes, check their pension rights or consult their remaining license issues. For example, to drive and for France Connect+, the version that requires a "reasonable" level of guarantee, open an online bank account.

Today, only La Poste's "France Identité" has received this certificate from Ansi, which guarantees the security of information systems, and new personal applications are currently being certified.

Another previously available functionality of the App allows sending a one-time digital identity document, which allows sending a copy of the original document, for example when renting an apartment, to prevent identity theft.

Can we leave our ID?

"I think by 2022 you'll be able to completely remove your ID card from your phone," said Mark Nolen, director of Brussels-based Ariadnext, a projected European digital wallet that uses contactless mobile payments in the United States or Apple Wallet. said

But that entertainment option has been shelved for now because it requires phone makers to use proprietary systems, a source familiar with the matter said.

Hervé Bonazzi, director of Archipelago, a joint venture founded by La Poste, EDF, Engie, and Casas Depos, admitted that "the appeal of France Identité App in its current form is not very effective".

"However, it is a necessary and essential document for the future of digital identity in Europe", which he believes should eventually succeed in authenticating each other with the BSN in "connecting the various data of your relationship".

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