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Łukasz Jakowski
v1.01584_ELA for Android
Updated On:
Oct 17, 2022

Age of History 2 Apk is a fan of strategy games, you surely know the legendary game - Age of Empires, which is a game associated with many people's youth. The goal of the game is simply to build your empire and protect it for thousands of years, from the Stone Age to the Feudal Age.

The game requires the player's skill and speed as he has to defend his kingdom against other enemies and conquer new lands. In today's article, I will introduce you to a similar but equally interesting game: Age of Civilization II. It may be something like its sibling, but of course, its settings also add interest. Age of Civilization II (MOD, Unlimited Money)

This App is a great war strategy game that is easy to learn but hard to master. Your goal is to use military strategy and cunning diplomacy to unite or conquer the world. Will the world bleed or bow to you? The choice is yours.

Age of History 2 Apk story focus leads to great historical expeditions throughout the history of mankind, era by era, the beginning of the era of civilization, and the distant future of many civilizations, from great empires to small ones.

Play as a tribe and lead your people to glory in a campaign spanning thousands of years from the dawn of civilization to the future of mankind Key Features Detailed world map with multiple historical borders and a Deep diplomatic system between civilizations and Peace treaties Create your story with revolutions.

Play as a hot seat with as many players as there are civilizations in the landscape! Terrain Types Huge Population Diversity Endgame Timelapse Create and play your own world! Scenario editor, create your own historical or alternative scenario!

About Age of History 2 Apk:

Age of History 2 Apk is an important Android platform game developed by Jakowski. In this game, you have to fight against your enemies on the map, defend your land and expand your borders under the control of the state administration.

Due to financial difficulty and general difficulty of Chronicles 2, I am giving mod apk, i. To fully enjoy the AG Unlimited Cash Scam game, strengthen your army and cities and stay undefeated.

Among other things, you have to deal with politics, decisions against other countries, and your military strength. Many countries await your administration, including the Ottoman state and Turkey.

Age of History 2 Apk has been updated with new images and bug fixes. Good sound quality and good graphics. There are two-finger controls. Yes, show your strength by making your allies. The enemy will never think of joining you. So, to make our country more powerful and powerful. As we mentioned above, you need to explore new technologies with strong economics.

Because the stronger you make your country. More leaders around the world want to work with you. So for your country to develop you need to encourage and stabilize your population.

Features of Age of History 2 Apk:

  • Historical borders on a world map.
  • Diplomacy plays an important role in all cultures.
  • There are peace treaties everywhere.
  • through history
  • As seen in the game
  • There are as many cultures as players!
  • location type
  • The population is more diverse
  • And the game is over
  • Create your world and play!
  • Using our visual editor, you can create your own alternate history scene!
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  • flag maker
  • Publisher: Westlands.