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v8.5 for Android
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Nov 21, 2022

The UI overhaul, codenamed CoolWalk, should completely transform the Android Auto experience in a way that makes it easier to interact with Apps running on the screen. Similar to the dashboard feature available in CarPlay, the Android Auto Coolwalk Beta Apk treatment allows users to keep multiple Apps together on a single screen, including navigation software and music services.

The split-screen mode in Android Auto has been around for a long time on large-resolution screens, but thanks to Coolwalk Beta Apk, it reaches almost all head units regardless of modern UI size and aspect ratio. After it was supposed to launch this summer, Coolwalk Beta Apk has been quietly delayed, and Google is tight-lipped about when this long-awaited update will arrive.

First of all, it is important to note that Coolwalk Beta Apk is still a beta feature. That means it's a pre-release feature, so unless you're comfortable running unfinished software, you'll have to wait for Google to announce wider availability. It goes without saying that beta apps are more prone to bugs, so some features may not work exactly as you expect.

About Coolwalk Beta Apk:

AndroidWorld reader Mark van de Wijngaart discovered the Coolwalk Beta Apk option while he was in the car. He told Android world: "On my Hyundai Ioniq 5 running Android Auto beta, I was shown the long-awaited Coolwalk interface on the Samsung S21 NL Edition Android 13 without root." Indicates that there is no TomTom app.

It works well here, as the root bar on the right is closed by the settings button. You can use it in full screen. The images in this article come from Mark and his Google Maps and Spotify in various ratios: 1/3, 2/3, and combinations.

Thanks to Google Assistant, Android Auto CoolWalk Beta lets you stay alert, connected, and entertained while driving. Android Auto CoolWalk Beta's streamlined interface, large buttons, and powerful voice actions make it easy to use apps on your phone while driving.

Just say "OK" to Google.

  • GPS navigation and real-time traffic alerts are available when using Google Maps or Waze to navigate to your next location.
  • Updates on your trip, ETA, and risks in real-time.
  • Use Google Assistant to check your schedule and find out where you want to go.
  • Set reminders, check the previous night's scores, and get the latest news.
  • Setting a custom Do Not Disturb message can help you avoid distractions while driving.
  • Calls can be made and answered using Google Assistant.
  • You can send and receive messages with Google Assistant via SMS, Hangouts, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, WeChat, Kik, Google Allo, and many other messaging apps, as well as access your contacts folder.

An unprecedented level of infotainment system control. Your favorite streaming media services including Spotify, Gaana Music: Bollywood Songs & Radio, Saavn Music & Radio, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, Simple Radio - Free Live FM AM, Audible, jetAudio HD Music Player, and TuneIn: FIFA Radio, Music, Sports, and podcasts can be found here. There is also support for additional apps for music, radio, news, sports news, audiobooks, and podcasts.

More and more compatible applications are becoming available. A full list of supported apps is available here.

Requires a phone running Android 6.0 or later and an active data connection.

More than 400 car models are currently supported by Android Auto CoolWalk beta. Check your owner's manual or contact the manufacturer to find out if your car's display is compatible and how to turn it on. Use the premium USB connection to connect your smartphone to your car, then launch Android Auto Coolwalk Beta.

What is Coolwalk Beta Apk?

If you want to try Coolwalk on Android Auto, you have to be part of the beta program. You can sign up for the Android Auto beta list on this page; There's a chance you'll get a message that there are no more spots available because there's so much interest in the Coolwalk Beta Apk community. However, beta testers come and go, so check back periodically to see if you can sign up for the program.

Alternatively, you can also download the Coolwalk Beta Apk installer for Android Auto, but this does not guarantee that Cool