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4.7 (5)
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v0.5.11 for Android
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Oct 13, 2022

Potato World’s spaceship has crashed on an alien planet. The only survivor: Brotato, the only potato who can wield 6 weapons at once. Waiting for his comrades to rescue him, Brotato must survive in this hostile environment. There are now multiple achievable builds and playstyles. The difficulty is a little higher so be prepared to lose a lot in the beginning but it’s never unfair and you can always do something about the wrong situation, this Brotato Apk is great.

I spent so many hours on the demo version that I bought it as soon as it became available. If you are a fan of run-based, twin-stick, bullet hell, random item time killers, look no further. If you have a Steam deck, I’m sure you’ve found your new favorite game too, as it controls perfectly and runs like a dream. It can give you a unique feel. It's very easy to sink into a few hours of trying out these different builds. There are a lot of mechanics added to give the genre a unique look and they all fit together.

What is Brotato Apk?

Brotato Apk is a classic rogue-style top-down shooter action game. You play as a potato warrior and fight a huge army of aliens with 6 weapons at once. Choose from various attributes and items to create the best fighting style. Brotato’s ultimate goal is to survive until help is available.

Adjust enemy health, damage, and speed according to the difficulty level. Very good game! There are many materials, different characters, and weapons that can give the runes a unique feel. It's easy to spend hours trying out these different builds, with multiple mechanics added to give different takes on the genre, and they all fit together.

One of the best rogue-like survival games since Vampire Survivor. The early Access variants are just insane and the combat is so fun/challenging. There are several builds you can try. There are some cool things in the game, many of which have flaws (like an item can do extra range damage but less health, that sort of thing), so as a player you always feel that way That you are doing something. There is wholeness. This is the right time to make a decision.

Brotato Apk Features:

  • By default, weapons are available automatically with manual aiming.
  • Runs of less than 30 minutes duration
  • You can customize your run with dozens of characters (one-handed, lunatic, lucky, mage, and more).
  • You can choose from hundreds of items and weapons (flamethrowers, SMGs, rocket launchers, or wands and stones).
  • Your goal is to avoid a wave of aliens lasting 20-90 seconds and kill as many people as possible in that time.
  • Collect materials amid waves of enemies and buy items from shops to gain experience
  • Difficulty can be adjusted based on enemy health, damage, and speed