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Jan 19, 2023

Captain Tsubasa Ace Showdown Apk is an officially licensed football game where Captain Tsubasa has to win exciting matches with characters from this popular anime. Based on the popular video game Rise of New Champions, this time the title is fully optimized for Android devices, which means you can now complete exciting Merit games.

In Captain Tsubasa Ace Showdown App you will meet the main characters of the anime and enjoy the advanced control system, which is one of the innovations of the title. Once you've selected your team members, you're ready to bring out the referee. From here, tap the joystick to move your players by pressing the action buttons.

During every match played in Captain Tsubasa Ace Showdown, you can watch players make impressive leaps and create innovative crosses and dribbles. These actions allow you to engage with the opponent and at the same time effectively achieve the opponent's goal. The game also has a lot of animated scenes that increase the adrenaline with every play.

Goalkeepers enjoy better development than franchise titles. Additionally, in Captain Tsubasa Ace Showdown you have the option to defend with your fists or block the ball with your stomach. All this greatly improves the experience of enjoying a football game that perfectly matches the description.

Download This App Apk for Android and enjoy the best Captain Tsubasa mobile video game ever. With new moves and tons of characters to unlock, it won't be long before you prove your worth on the sprawling natural grasslands.

About Captain Tsubasa Ace Showdown Apk:

Captain Tsubasa Ace Showdown Apk - Yoichi Takahashi's animation work "Captain Tsubasa" provides the inspiration for "Captain Tsubasa: Ace", an online multiplayer soccer game for mobile phones. Apart from the classic skirmishes, the game features amazing killer moves and multiple game modes.

Defending, dribbling, passing... playing online against other players in real-time can be exciting and exciting! Growth and progression can be enjoyed with different development modes in each duel.

Those interested in Captain Tsubasa Ace Showdown App can now download and experience the game. Watch this if you like anime and football. There are many similarities between the game and the anime, with characters such as Tsubasa Ozora.

This App is a competitive multiplayer online soccer game based on Takahashi Yoichi's animation work of the same name. The game not only provides players with a rich interactive experience but also recreates the legendary bloody battles of the original work.

Experience the thrill of dribbling, chasing defenses, and challenging other players with high passes! With the various talent development and development methods of the Captain Tsubasa Ace Showdown App, you can experience the joy of growth and progress in every battle!

Features of Captain Tsubasa Ace Showdown Apk: 

The original IP is licensed to evoke childhood football memories

Relive the touching moments of the official DNA drama "Captain Tsubasa" and the sequel to the classic animated series, the mobile game "Captain Tsubasa: Ace Showdown"! Relive great memories of Tsubasa Ozora, Kojiro Hinata, Genzo Wakabayashi, and many more. Players control these famous players to jump around the field, fight for soccer balls and try to reach the top of the world!

Match the differences between the two, the competition in the way you like

The game offers two different ways to play football through different games, creating a different competitive experience. In addition to comparing and contrasting with other players, managing classic characters, real-time battles, and action with brutal PK strategies, you can collect many famous characters and turn them into your dream party. Dream Team 11v11 gameplay gives you a different experience. Football Adventure, start your famous football career!

The larger the list, the more popular players appear separately

Some have seen famous characters like Osora Tsubasa, Hinata Kojiro, Misaki Taro, and Ishizaki grow from teenager to teenager. In the mobile game Captain Tsubasa Ace Showdown, people who supported us in many games reappear. Many powerful alien players are waiting for your control. Follow in the footsteps of many classic players and rediscover the football history of classic players like Tsubasa Ozora!

Bring back the classic story, Nostalgia HD

In every game, we have to fight a lot! "Captain Tsubasa Ace Showdown" recreates the classic animation text, bringing many famous characters to life by illuminating and exploring dreamy days, childhood beauty moments, and such high-definition game screens. A real connection of the heart with the past. Live your childhood soccer dream!