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v1.7 for Android
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Dec 26, 2022

Dog Life Apk allows players to enjoy their precious time as mischievous dogs. A close-up camera will help you monitor and record your activities in this life. Along with new experiences, there will also be stories that may not be happy. Appearing in different places, completing the honest dog quest, or fighting the neighbor's cat will help you get more achievements. A loyal dog echo will help you get a lot of love and occupy first place on the leaderboard.

This App is a game that offers exciting gameplay where the player assumes the character of a dog and lives his life. If you love animals and you love pets, you will love dogs. For all animal lovers, you will love the game we have brought for you today.

It is one of the most popular games in the world released by Candywriter, LLC. An Android game developer active since 2014, has released many games like BitLife-Life Simulator, BitLife-CatsLife, Word Therapy, and Letter Soup and made this game.

Dog Life Apk is a game where you can choose the role of a dog. This is the best simulation and role-playing game where players can live as a dog. Here, you create your own story and interact with hundreds of scenarios where you have to befriend a dog and bring it home.

You'll learn about many popular dog breeds to choose from, including the Golden Retriever, Bulldog, German Shepherd, Pitbull, Husky and more. There are many homes for dogs, such as shelters, pet stores, or street strays. After that start, your journey enjoy the game and complete your missions and challenges as a good player.

About Dog Life Apk:

Dog Life Apk has many small but cute and fun elements. This can be any situation in your home, on the street, in a shelter, or in a pet store, and it can happen to any animal or person in your life. And to deal with these situations.

it is also equipped with the abilities of a real dog. Your brain and nose have a whole database of smells, if you smell something once, you will immediately remember the smell, and the next time that animal or event appears, you will notice it and respond immediately.

The dog you play with also has different abilities such as: playing alone, barking or doing cute tricks to get attention, ability to fight/flight, surrender, barking, or other survival tricks. But rest assured, every time you die and start another life with another dog, you will have a completely new set of circumstances.

Dog Life is haunted. From the situations in which the dog is presented in the text dialogues, the dog's thoughts in a fun, playful, funny way, or even the names of the minor characters come out on the screen...

it really brings out something else. There is nothing like silly, fun, and crazy in the world. But it is strange that many young people fall in love and are ready to wait a few hours to master the life path of each dog character in the game.

Features of Dog Life Apk:

If you love Dogs, Dog Life is the ultimate simulator that you can enjoy right now for free.

Live like a dog: Many simulation games will now test you while enjoying it. There are all kinds of games that allow players enjoy today, especially simulation games. These are games that allow you to play a certain genre perfectly so that you can enjoy it more.

There are simulation games dedicated to village life, hotel life, racing, and more. But if you have always wanted to play a dog simulator, Dog Life Apk is a great game that you can enjoy now. In this game, you are now free to live as a dog. Here, you will live your best life while making your decisions and facing the consequences.

Here, you will be randomly assigned a family as your race, and other stats will also be randomly assigned. This will give you the opportunity to live the life you want while facing the consequences of your actions. Then you can try to lick their owner, play with them, and do any number of doggy things!

Make up your mind: They say people are a dog's best friend. If you love dogs, Dog Life is the best game you can play right now. Here, you can live your life like a dog and make your own decisions.

You will be regularly presented with different scenarios, and here you will be given different options. Depending on your choices, you can become close to your boss or destroy your relationship with them. Here you will face many consequences, which makes this game very attractive.

Achievements: In this game, you can do many things that will allow you to get achievements. Nothing gives you the satisfaction of playing and achieving something.

Among the achievements you can get here are a mature mammal, full life, birth companion, quarter centennial, still learning new tricks, family ties, fertile furball, and more.

Enjoy Your Life: In this game, you can live the life of as many dogs as possible! Have fun trying different experiments to see where life as a dog takes you. Ultimately, the choice is yours! Now that you are a dog, what kind of Dog Life Apk will you live?

Mod feature:

  • Experience a dog's life by doing meaningful activities like choosing characters, adding new tasks, finding owners or joining your friends in gatherings.
  • Start your journey of life by choosing any dog from our list and you will have the freedom to choose any size without the constraints of a pet management system.
  • Choose your employer and place of residence in near future. Rising to be recognized as the bravest and most loyal dog with medals and achievements.
  • You can choose to be a happy pet or make a little fight with your neighbor's cat an active part of your perfect puppy life!
  • Earn a variety of achievements from checking scores on leaderboards to reaching the top with meaningful activities. You'll get rewards from bosses including big seeds and delicious food.

Select the dog you want to join the game.

A list of Dog life dogs will appear on the screen and you can select any character. Different breeds of dogs from around the world come together and compete for positions to be pampered by their owners. Newly revealed cards will help you identify the right information and make choices easier as you carefully read their names, characteristics, and personalities. Then, once you've decided on the character you want, the player can choose an owner and residence. There will be four fixed positions; This game will take you to new and exciting experiences through your choices.

Complete daily stomach quests

Every pet's life will be different. As a dog, dog life represents everything that happens every day. Your tasks will be sent to the mailbox. Each activity will help you improve your personality and engage in beneficial activities. The owner will give you the job of guarding the door, taking care of the house, or fetching the ball. Neighbors will chat with you, but does it make the area too noisy? The leaderboard will record all your activities, review them regularly and select the activity that interests you the most.