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App By:
Tencent Games
v2.1 for Android
Updated On:
Apr 19, 2023

PUBG Mobile Güncelleme Apk has been released and it offers an official Livic Map, Haptic System, Cheerpark Editions, New Seasons, Royal Pass, and many other features including better quality of life.

Currently, players can update the game through the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. If the game is updated before May 17, players will receive 3,000 BP, 100 AG, and the Ultimate Trendsetter headset (three days).

You can also go for new updates by downloading and installing the APK file instead of updating the game through the App Store.

Download the latest free version of PUBG Mobile Güncelleme Apk for Android. Play one of the most popular Battle Royale games available for Android devices.

PUBG Mobile Güncelleme - Welcome to the most popular Battle Royale game of mobiles that started the almost complete revolution of BR shooters.

This third-person shooter has gained more and more attention and popularity in the last few years. Even now people come every day looking for some matches! Are you one of these people? Do you already have the action in hand? If not, download PUBG Mobile Güncelleme Apk for Android now!

How to play PUBG Mobile Güncelleme?

Have you ever played Battle Royale before? Have you ever played something like Fortnite or Garena Free Fire? Well, PUBG is one of the mobile origins, not including the whole build concept.

Here you can choose from different game modes to determine how you want to play. You can choose the classic BR play style, make friends from Team Deathmatch, and even zombies with you!

Classic mode:

The classic gameplay of PUBG Mobile Güncelleme Apk for Android allows you to play the original Battle Royale style. Here you free yourself on a map filled with a total of 100 other players. Your goal is clear: Survive at any cost!

But what does it mean to be alive? Well, when you first start on the map, you don't have a lot of resources to defend yourself or stop other players. So you have to rush to find all the tools and weapons you need to survive.

Kill everyone standing in your way and try to be the last. Sounds easy enough, doesn't it?

However, there is another aspect that will make it even more interesting: the storm. The storm is actually a playground, a big circle on your map that decides where you want to live. If you stay in this circle, you will be safe for a while. But if you go out in a storm, you will be slowly damaged until you die.

Be sure to stay inside the storm and come out only when absolutely necessary. Finally, you need to be smart and aware of the situation around you. Determine the best path to victory.


Now the next game mode should look familiar to you. Team Deathmatch reminds you of regular matches you get in a game like COD or Battlefield. Here you have to kill as many as possible against the other team.

Don't worry, you are not alone in this adventure. You can invite up to 3 of your friends to join this game mode, which is definitely better than a team full of strangers. Now you can better coordinate and direct your movements. Take advantage of your opponents strategically and devour them.

Zombie mode:

This game mode reminds you of the zombies in the Call of Duty item. This may seem familiar at first glance, but there is a big difference between the two titles. Here the zombies are controlled by other players!

Having a player's true intelligence makes it more difficult to compete. Zombies are running out of weapons and looting to collect. But they compensate by using brutal force and large numbers against human players.

You have to stand up against these undead monsters and fight for victory alone or with a small team. Trust us, this is not an easy task. Some serious skills are required to protect yourself from these animals and to be successful.

Zombies can also be revived by their allies. So be sure to delete it all before restoring if you are a human player. Otherwise, have fun!


PUBG Mobile must be controlled to complete Güncelleme. The game's user interface and controls are incredibly simple. Thus, a person can immediately pick up and play Battle Royale without any doubt or confusion.

All actions are displayed on the screen for you. Different actions include crotch, shoot and move. In addition, all menus and options are easily recognizable and accessible on your screen with just one tap.