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Apps, Simulation
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Stray Fawn Studio
v1.2 for Android
Updated On:
Apr 13, 2023

A small group of survivors takes refuge on the back of a The Wandering Village Apk creature they call the Onbu as it navigates the unknown plants that dot the land, dropping increasingly poisonous seeds.

Build your own community, create a mutually beneficial relationship with Onbu, and survive together in this dangerous yet wonderful post-apocalyptic environment.

About The Wandering Village Apk:

The Wandering Village Apk city-building strategy game is a bit unique. Cities are built on the back of a giant beast that provides a platform to do as one pleases. The world you're in is plagued by a mysterious spore plague. They gradually spread over the earth, causing all life to disappear.

The people took refuge on the back of the giant Onbu. They started building safe cities here to protect their race. You must guide your followers if you want to compromise with them. You have to collect resources, build houses and develop infrastructure. Onbu should be approached only.

Even if he doesn't understand human language, your positive attitude towards him will lead to a mutually beneficial relationship. This giant animal will provide a safe place for the residents of the area to live, as it fits into their lifestyle. To combat the effects of the apocalypse, you must work together and wait for the time when the planet is free of all harmful spores.

Features of The Wandering Village Apk:

Build the village of your dreams: Your ability to survive depends on the functionality of your village. Behind Onbu, build and expand your colony. Make the most of limited space by streamlining and streamlining the manufacturing process. Build a community capable of overcoming any obstacle.

On the back of an animal: The difficulties of sustaining oneself on the back of another animal are special. How likely are you and Onbu to form a close friendship and trust each other to survive? Will you become a parasite and only think about how to improve the lives of your villagers? You are free to decide.

Explore many biomes: Explore a wide range of different biomes, each with its own climates, opportunities, and threats. Look for unique materials and antiques.

Studying New Technologies: By digging up relics from an ancient world, a villager can gain knowledge of an ancient world long forgotten. Finding and practicing these techniques is important, but you should use them with caution, as progress can be a double-edged sword.

Thrive in the Wasteland: Ensure the survival of your Onbu along with your villagers despite the odds of deadly spores, brutal weather, blood-sucking parasites, and more.

More Features

  • Onbu is a giant creature that can be used to build a unique village.
  • Provide food for your village by growing different crops
  • Collect rare resources by sending collection quests
  • Be able to survive a wide range of events and biomes
  • Communicate with the giant creature and influence it
  • Build different types of buildings through research and construction
  • Gameplay inspired by ecology and biology
  • The art style combines 3D graphics with hand-drawn and animated 2D graphics.


A city building and resource management game with survival and survival aspects at its core called The Wandering Village App. Grow different crops to feed your people, launch expeditions to find valuable materials, and explore areas to expand your colony. Creating faith and maintaining the health of living creatures are two problems that arise. The beast will eventually listen to your commands as it moves from biome to biome, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, trying to avoid the constant poison seeds.

Both humans and other creatures are looking for a place to call home and live in peace. If they can't find that place, they might fight the plant and make it their own.


Stray Fawn Studios has released its third simulation game The Wandering Village Apk. At a local exhibition, the founders of Stray Fawn saw a beautiful photo of a giant creature roaming the city and decided it would make an interesting setting for their next game.

This idea was well received by the rest of the team. During their initial research, the team found that there were many games that used giant animals to tell their stories and display their visuals, but very few where the animals actually influenced the game mechanics.

Instead of making a game about symbiotes, they decided to make one about giants and human survivors. For the past three years, after successfully fundraising on Kickstarter, The Wandering Village App has been one of the top 30 most searched games on Steam.

Available September 14th in Steam Early Access for PC, Mac, and Linux for $24.99, this is just the beginning of Onbu's journey. The Wandering Village is also coming to the Xbox Game Preview in 2023.