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Megaman X Dive Offline APK is a free mobile gaming application that allows players to enjoy the legendary Mega Man X series without an internet connection. The game is an expansion of Mega Man, this offline version ensures that players can immerse themselves in the exciting universe of Mega Man X and relive the adventures of legendary characters like X and Zero, even when they are connected to the Internet. not be


Megaman X Dive Offline APK is the mobile version of the classic action game "Mega Man X". The game allows players to immerse themselves in a colorful and dramatic computer world called "Deep Diaries", where an unusual bug in the Mega Man X online game has caused data problems.

Players have the opportunity to take on the roles of famous hunter X and Zero, famous characters from the Mega Man X game series, to find and fix errors in the Deep Log. In Mega Man X Dive APK OBB, experience authentic Mega Man in a simple and immersive experience.

With 3D graphics and character models built for the latest features, This App gives familiar characters a brand-new look. Additionally, the game features a range of weapons and boss tokens that you can collect and use on your journey.

A special feature of Mega Man Plus, the "Comparison Mode" mode allows you to compete with your friends and show off your skills to defeat your opponents.

What is Megaman X Dive Offline APK?

The game begins with an interesting story that takes players into the world of Mega Man X, where humans and reploids come together. As the story progresses, players face the challenge of facing hordes of mavericks while uncovering the secrets of Deep Log Mega Man X Dive Offline which offers an exciting mobile gaming experience.

Mega Man X Dive Offline has many features that set it apart from other mobile games. Its gameplay combines classic side-scrolling action with modern RPG elements. Players can collect and upgrade characters with different abilities and take part in challenging quests and boss battles.

The deep log system is an important feature, that allows players to explore the memories of different characters, reveal their stories, and earn valuable rewards. The game also features an extensive multiplayer mode, which allows players to team up with friends or challenge other players in exciting PvP encounters.


Here are the details about all the features of Megaman X Dive Offline Apk:

  • Deep Log World: The game takes place in a colorful and dramatic computer world called Deep Log. An abnormal error occurred in the deep log. Your task is to find this error and fix it.
  • Legendary Characters X and Zero: Players take on the role of X and Zero, the protagonists of the "Mega Man" game series.
  • Equip Weapons and Boss Tokens: The game provides a variety of weapons and boss tokens for players to collect and use. You can enjoy a variety of weapons and develop your strategy.
  • Co-Op Mode: This is the first time a "Co-Op" mode has been implemented in the "Mega Man X" series. You can team up with friends to complete challenging missions and experience exciting combat combinations.
  • Versus Mode: "Comparison Mode" allows you to compete with friends. You can use the characters you develop and display different skills to defeat your opponents.
  • Control Button Customization: Control button size and position can be adjusted to your preferences, bringing the game closer to the original Mega Man X.


Let's take a look at the key features of Megaman X Dive Offline APK that make it stand out in the gaming arena:

  • Diverse Character Roster: This App features various characters from the Mega Man X series, each with unique skills and abilities. Whether you prefer the agility of the X or the firepower of the Zero, you'll find a character to suit your play style.
  • Deep Log Campaign: The Deep Log system adds depth to the game, allowing players to delve into the memories of various characters. This feature not only enriches the story but also provides rewards that enhance the entire gaming experience.
  • Aesthetic Excellence: The game's graphics are a visual marvel, with intricate character designs and beautifully crafted environments that faithfully reflect the Mega Man X universe.
  • Multiplayer Wonders: Mega Man X Dive expands the range of offline multiplayer modes, including co-op missions and exciting PvP duels. Team up with friends for a cooperative effort or test your skills against players from around the world.
  • Planned Updates: Capcom constantly releases updates and hosts events to ensure the game stays dynamic with new content, characters, and challenges.
  • In-Game Rewards: By completing missions and participating in events, players earn in-game rewards, including character upgrades, weapons, and customization options.
  • Enchanting Chronicles: Immerse yourself in a fascinating story that unfolds throughout the game and reveals the secrets of the Deep Log and the Mega Man X universe.
  • User-friendly interface: Mega Man X Dive Offline features intuitive touch controls, making both navigation and combat accessible to casual players and seasoned fans of the series.
  • Offline Access: A special feature of the game is offline gameplay, which allows you to enjoy the world of Mega Man X without worrying about an internet connection.
  • Continuous Development: The game is constantly evolving. Capcom listens carefully to player feedback and implements improvements to improve the overall gaming experience.

These aspects combine to create an immersive and dynamic gaming experience, ideal for both casual gamers and dedicated gaming enthusiasts.


In addition, this title perfectly captures the essence of classic Mega Man action, wield your buster and swing your saber - all series signature moves, with the new ability to aim 360 degrees and auto-aim. are at your fingertips. Target lock. With a cast of over 100 characters from the Mega Man universe, this title offers a diverse collection to acquire and upgrade.

To strengthen your characters, you can equip them with different weapons, tokens, and cards. Classic illustrated cards provide an extra boost and you can collect them by modifying your Hunter program. Despite these great new features, this title still has one drawback: the lack of controller support in the menu, even though the game supports controllers. This limitation makes menu navigation difficult.

Megaman X Dive Offline APK Offline brilliantly combines nostalgia with innovative gameplay. With its diverse characters, captivating story, and hundreds of levels to complete, this game is a must-play for fans and newcomers to the series. Immerse yourself in this digital world and rediscover the timeless magic of Mega Man


Megaman X Dive Offline APK is a classic action game where Mega Man attracts a lot of interest. In short, This offers Mega Man X fans an emotional and action-packed experience.

Télécharger Megaman X Dive Offline APK se trouve dans la catégorie Action et a été développé par CAPCOM CO., LTD.'s. La note moyenne de notre site web est de 4,2 sur 5 stars.Cependant, cette application est notée 3 sur 5 étoiles en fonction de différentes plateformes de notation.Vous pouvez également répondre Megaman X Dive Offline APK sur notre site Web afin que nos utilisateurs peut avoir une meilleure idée de l'application. Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur Megaman X Dive Offline APK, vous pouvez visiter le site web officiel du développeur pour plus d'informations. La note moyenne est noté par les utilisateurs de 19238. L'application a été classée 1 étoile par les utilisateurs de 10 et 5 étoiles par les utilisateurs de 5897. L'application a été téléchargée au moins 5864 fois, mais le nombre de téléchargements peut atteindre 117280. Télécharger Megaman X Dive Offline APK Si vous avez besoin d'une application gratuite pour votre appareil Action, mais que vous avez besoin de 5.1+ version ou supérieure, pour installer cette application.

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  • The cloud backup feature is now supported.
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