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4.6 (5)
ऐप्स, Action
ऐप द्वारा:
v0.0.10 एंड्रॉयड के लिए
संशोधित किया गया:
मार्च 16, 2024

Parah Cuy Mod APK is a free mobile game developed by Sensedev team on Android platform. In the game, players take on the role of a hero, experience adventures and face challenges and monsters in a mysterious world.

Parah Cuy gameplay focuses on PvP (player versus player) and PvE (player versus environment) games, where players encounter enemies, complete missions, and collect resources to improve their characters. I. The game has attractive 2D, vivid sound and many other interesting features such as: B. a diverse combat system, defense and attack on the enemy's castle, social interaction and many entertainment activities.

It offers interesting cinematics as well as PvP and PvE matches. In PvP battles, players compete against other players in a dramatic game and must find a way to win. PvP games in Parah Cuy are very interesting and require strategy and patience from players.

The player faces monsters and has to complete quests to collect resources and improve his character. PvE battles are also interesting and require players to have combat skills and patience to face powerful monsters.

In addition, Parah Cuy has many other interesting features, such as a diverse combat system, defending and attacking enemy castles, social interaction and many other entertainment activities that are always fun for players. . The game is fun and challenging.

Parah Cuy Mod APK

About Parah Cuy Mod APK

The first feature of Parah Cuy Mod APK is its focus on gameplay. The game uses a soft key system and also supports a gamepad. Move the character back and forth and perform attack actions: punching, kicking, jumping and sliding. Depending on the moment of the game, the attack actions can be different.

If you don't have any weapons in your hand, you have to use your fists and heavy punches to fight the gang of gangsters. As you progress through the different levels, you will be equipped with special vehicles such as knives, hammers and nunchucks, cars and skateboards to complete more and more siege missions in the next levels.

Remember that there is always a boss at the end of each level. It may not be the biggest boss in the game, but each level boss has its own power. Each of them has their own fighting skills, sometimes supported by many minions that make your fights increasingly difficult. Some interesting stages require a few seconds to quickly assess the situation, find weak points and retreat or counterattack.

Along the way, you'll meet other like-minded classmates who want to put an end to violence at school. Each character only appears in a few scenes, but that's enough to effectively help you through the many dangerous situations that surround you.

One of the cool things about Parah Cuy is that as you play, you keep an eye out for little Easter eggs hidden somewhere in the background. New battle ideas or unexpected items are waiting to be discovered.

Parah Cuy App

Features of Parah Cuy Mod APK

Injustice should be eliminated in schools.

The action platform Parah Cuy Mod APK will provide players with a great experience. With stunning pixel style graphics, this game can captivate at first sight. Investing in immersive audio creates an immersive experience in the fight against bullies: a school full of evil aliens and bullies that invade every day. Players come here and solve all these painful problems. Maintain a clean, quiet environment at school. Scammers are everywhere; Voiceless students face challenges every day. Be the protector of weak students and save them from this cruel life. Exciting and exciting every minute!

Interesting story.

In this action platformer action game, players transform into Andy. A boy of school age, but unfortunately he met with a serious accident. Andy was orphaned when his parents suddenly died in a tragic accident. Andy moved to the city, left his old school and stayed with his aunt.

Andy faced many difficulties and challenges during his first days at the new school. They were abused, threatened and had blood smeared on their faces by thugs. What problems will the player Andy's young student face? Players will interact directly with Andy and experience the unconventional life he faces.

Crooks are everywhere.

On the school campus, in a warehouse full of tables and chairs, in front of the grocery store on the way home, next to the bank cash tree near the house, in the action platform game Parah Cuy Mod APK, arrests occur everywhere that stop Andy. Are , the player's student character.

A large, sudden presence anywhere is unpredictable and dangerous. During his time at school, the player character Andy is bullied by the big names. On the way home from school, Andy's life is threatened by bullies. Andy's educational journey is full of difficulties and challenges. And it wasn't just Andy who was bullied, but many other students at the school were treated the same way.

Easy to experiment.

Players use the buttons displayed on the screen to control Andy. It's very easy to move forward, backward, jump or duck to avoid the villains' attacks. Less complex skills and weapons give players headaches when learning how to use them.

Just the basic strategy and the main weapon can be anything. Players must tap the screen repeatedly to control Andy's attack. Each battle screen is difficult, you have to fight and pay attention to the health bar in the left corner. Protecting the player's life is always the top priority. Various battle modes in which the player character Andy has to fight against a large group of enemies, sometimes alone.

Parah Cuy Mod APK 2024

Additional Features of Parah Cuy Mod APK

  • Interesting story and scene
  • Amazing pixel graphics
  • Indonesian school theme
  • Store system
  • Gamepad support
  • Multilingual
  • Easter Egg
  • Boss fight


You should have gained some valuable insight into how easy most Android apps are to take apart from the techniques and tools presented in this article. Additionally, I hope the Parah Cuy Mod Apk download described in this article will become an indispensable addition to your Android development toolkit as it will provide insight into your production APKs, making your App list better.

डाउनलोड Parah Cuy Mod APK Action श्रेणी में स्थित है और SansDev's द्वारा विकसित किया गया था। हमारी वेबसाइट पर औसत रेटिंग 4.6 से बाहर निकल रही है। आवेदन का एक बेहतर विचार प्राप्त कर सकते हैं। यदि आप Parah Cuy Mod APK के बारे में अधिक जानना चाहते हैं, तो आप अधिक जानकारी के लिए आधिकारिक डेवलपर वेबसाइट पर जा सकते हैं। औसत रेटिंग 23825 उपयोगकर्ताओं द्वारा रेट की गई है। ऐप को 42 उपयोगकर्ताओं द्वारा 1-स्टार और 20840 उपयोगकर्ताओं द्वारा 5-स्टार दर्जा दिया गया था। ऐप को कम से कम 7560 बार डाउनलोड किया गया है, लेकिन डाउनलोड की संख्या 151200 तक पहुंच सकती है। Parah Cuy Mod APK डाउनलोड करें यदि आपको अपने एक्शन डिवाइस के लिए एक मुफ्त ऐप की आवश्यकता है, लेकिन आपको इस ऐप को स्थापित करने के लिए 5.3+ संस्करण या उच्चतर की आवश्यकता है।

नया क्या है

  • Ad Free
  • No lag
  • New version Updated
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Package name om.sansdev.parahcuy
MD5 hftresdxfggyu7765ee
SHA1 cfgxes45r6tugycfxdfse
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आवेदन मार्च 16, 2024 पर जारी किया गया था, और ApkNoma पर तब से उपलब्ध है। वर्तमान संस्करण v0.0.10 है और तब से इसे हमारे मंच से 14840 समय से अधिक डाउनलोड किया गया है। एप्लिकेशन अंग्रेजी में उपलब्ध है और 15 अन्य पूर्ण संस्करण के साथ लैंगग्यूज हैं जिन्हें आप डाउनलोड करेंगे। एपीके डाउनलोड करें और इसे अपने पसंदीदा फ़ाइल प्रबंधक के साथ खोलें। इंस्टॉल करने के लिए फ़ाइल का नाम टैप करें। यदि स्थापना शुरू नहीं होती है, तो आपको अपने एंड्रॉइड सेटिंग्स में अज्ञात स्रोतों को सक्षम करने की आवश्यकता है। ऐप को मार्च 16, 2024 पर अपडेट किया गया था। यदि आप एक समीक्षा लिखना चाहते हैं, तो इस ऐप को इंस्टॉल करें और इसे हमारी वेबसाइट पर रेट करें। डाउनलोड हमारी गति के समान है और हम Parah Cuy Mod APK के सभी उपलब्ध संस्करणों को मुफ्त में सीधे लिंक प्रदान करते हैं। कृपया ध्यान दें कि हम दोनों मूल और शुद्ध एपीके फाइलें प्रदान करते हैं और Parah Cuy Mod APK के लिए तेज डाउनलोड गति। आप Parah Cuy Mod APK APK को भी डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं और इसे लोकप्रिय एंड्रॉइड एमुलेटर के साथ चला सकते हैं।

संस्करण v0.0.10 पर अपडेट किया गया!