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Espacio Geografico APK displays map output information about a country's environmental and social characteristics, such as vegetation, land use, water bodies, soil, climate, population, and more. The Environmental and Social Program is dedicated to the use,

conservation, and restoration of natural ecosystems in Mexico. The maps shown are from the geographic database SNIARN. The information contained in this database was created by different sectors of SEMERNET, its decentralized and decentralized agencies, as well as INEGI and different agencies of the Federal Government.

Espacio Geografico App is the science of the Earth's surface (geographic region), a space that deals with the interaction of the three structural regions of the planet: the lithosphere or geosphere (earth), the hydrosphere (water), and the atmosphere (gases). ),

environmental conditions that support life on Earth. It is that portion of the Earth's surface that is inhabited, modified, and managed for human benefit. Many years ago the amount of It was smaller than today and unlike the land mass;

However, today, as technology advances, it is possible to capture more of the Earth's surface, shrinking it and increasing the proportion of Espacio Geografico App. Social mobility depends on economic, cultural, and political variability among other factors; It changes the territorial structure, which is the location according to the availability of social/artificial natural elements in a geographical location.

Espacio Geografico APK

About Espacio Geografico APK

The history of man on earth is the story of his struggle to free himself from the conditions imposed by nature and to take advantage of the opportunities provided by nature. And in this struggle, society changes and organizes. Espacio Geografico APK is therefore a cultural product in which social order is projected onto ecosystems, both given to us by nature and created by humans.

It includes natural elements such as plants, soil, mountains, and water bodies, as well as social or cultural elements, ie. The economic and social organization of the people, their values, and habits. These elements comprise a place, a territorial space, and when combined, each place is unique.

It is the result of human actions on the earth's surface throughout history. In this sense, it is said that space and thus landscape is also a social product. "Man began the process of changing the natural space, changing the then existing natural state and turning it into a productive space in itself. Method." recruiting

From that point of view, we talk about the transformation of a natural Geografico into a social space as a product of society". Man-made changes are so important that today most places, most landscapes are deeply human: "Landscapes are essentially human creations, because it is he who changes the natural balance, creating a landscape, a building or a planted area in part" because they are put together

A geographical place considered worldwide combines features of relief, climate, soil, vegetation, agriculture, mining, industry, communication, and accommodation. Social groups influence, develop, and change place. Therefore, every place is the result of the continuous action of generations.

What is Espacio Geografico APK?

Espacio Geografico APK is an application that allows us to explore any part of the world using accurate satellite images. Developed by CodeInn, this tool has an intuitive interface that helps us visit hundreds of real places. In addition, more and more new features have been added to the utility to improve the visualization of 3D buildings, landscapes, and roads.

Espacio Geografico uses advanced 3D graphics technology to display real-world environments and geographic structures in three dimensions. He said the app is able to show a faithful representation of the most famous monuments on Earth. For example, the Taj Mahal in Agra and the Stonehenge monument in Wiltshire are examples, unless we focus on them.

In addition to the standard Espacio Geografico APK functions, there is also a time-lapse option. For example, start from Application Explorer and launch an image sequence that spans different boundaries. In any case, Globo TerraQ is no longer interested in adapters for 360º view and other options.

In Espacio Geografico we also have the ability to mark specific locations or draw and add lines on the map. In this way, we can save the passages that interest us so that we can remember them or refer to them in the future. Likewise, the application allows us to add photos or videos to make the information displayed on the screen more relevant.

Undoubtedly, the integration of Street View technology is another strong point of Espacio Geografico APK. In this sense, the application allows us to find our house in 3D or see any street in most cities of the world. In addition, the tool has real-time flight tracking to know the location of various aircraft at any given time.

In the second part of Voyager, we talk about different options so we can go deeper into different geographies. Moreover, in this section, the Espacio Geografico team presents many articles and explanatory videos that help us better understand various concepts related to geography, culture, or travel.


  • Natural Elements: One of the elements of a geographical location is a material or natural element. It refers to elements that nature provides without human intervention and that people can use to meet their needs, such as plants, soil, mountains, and water.
  • Social Section: It deals with all aspects of the people, such as its distribution in regions, its population characteristics, its cultural characteristics, traditions, religion; Political institutions, activities, etc
  • Economic Factors: These refer to the activities or factors which absorb or obtain resources as a result of human actions and which enable them to produce and develop new products and thereby derive benefits or benefits.

After learning the elements of the Espacio Geografico App, you should understand that every place is different: natural resources will be more dominant, other places will experience extreme changes, and other places will try to find a balance to avoid the natural. Respect, Unfortunately, the planet is changing too fast and there are too many fish, which is affecting all living things.

Espacio Geografico APK App


Download Espacio Geografico APK for Android to get free access to this powerful technology developed by CodeInn. However, it is important to highlight that a good internet connection is essential on our smartphone to make the most of the tool's performance. This is a task that you can easily do through a virtual device and using Disponer on Android.

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