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jun 15, 2024

Reroll Monopoly APK for Android is a version that will give you the basics of this popular board game on your smartphone. Hasbro officially licenses this Scopely-developed title, so you'll see a completely recognizable design style. You have to prepare your budget to increase the number of buildings in different cities. Just like the board game collection of this franchise, you can earn a lot of money by skillfully moving the board.

If you press the red button at the bottom of the screen, you will roll the dice every time you move the pieces. This means that during each game you will travel through different areas with roads, buildings, and other things that you can buy. Similarly, in some areas, you will encounter banks or other obstacles that slow your progress. The many items and options included in the game will keep you entertained as you destroy enemy cities and your territories.


Reroll Monopoly APK is a modern spin-off of our popular Monopoly game, designed to delight Android users around the world. It is not just about buying property and waiting for friends. It is a combination of strategy and luck where you get a chance to increase your luck.

It's a blend of old-school charm and new features that everyone loves. You will be able to relive the memories and excitement of capturing the fun of the Monopoly board and then take the game to a new level. It's not just a game; This is an accident. It's like getting together in a circle on a Sunday afternoon, but digitally. So you can chat with your friends, strategize, or just relax while playing.

The crown jewel here is the Reroll Monopoly. Imagine this: you're about to land in a hotel in dangerous Mayfair and you know it's going to cost you a fortune. This App offers a lifeline: the pay rises. This little feature can completely change the game, save your skin, or make things a little more complicated at the same time. After the game is installed, many slots and card games are waiting for you. It's like having a mini-casino on your phone. And with so many game categories, you'll never run out of options.


Now Pro Games for Gamers:

Reroll Monopoly APK is run on many platforms around the world. In fact, we played a lot as children. This game will enthrall everyone with its amazing and entertaining features and will provide hours of fun and excitement. Here you will enjoy the best parts of the game, from which you can choose anyone to prove that you are the best player. Buy now and make everyone happy.

Roll the dice to win:

We know that in sports you have to roll the dice and see what happens. You get everything related to where the dice are rolled on the board. This way you can win lots of gifts and prizes like boxes, coins, stuff, money, and more. This game has a unique idea that makes it interesting for a long time and offers great ease and skill.

Attacking other people's images:

Many different people play this game and are good at it. So if you get the chance, roll the dice and attack. You can then use it to kill everyone on the board, as you were told. Many skills and features of the game will make you fall in love with the game. There are many great features and tools to help you get maximum points and win the game. Complete the tasks given to you and complete your task to get more in the game.

To enjoy leagues and tournaments:

You can play against other people and your friends in events and games. Here you can show your skills and improve your ability to defeat your enemies. You can take some time to master it and win any game quickly and brilliantly. Use your level and skills to beat everyone, roll the right dice to get extra chances and gifts, and make your name in the game.

Bank robbery:

Earn more money so it can be used to improve the city. If you have the right skills or place your data in the right place, you can rob banks and other players. No one will be brave around you because you can fight and defend yourself. Take the bank and win the game. You should have a lot of money and be able to earn it whenever possible. Win all kinds of championship games to show what you can do.

Design and build your city:

You can focus on building and planning your city, which includes many different parts and expansions. You can use the gifts and rewards you get from rolling the dice to help your city grow. Customize your city to make everything easier for you. There are many ways to earn coins in the game, and they are useful because they allow you to improve your city in many interesting ways. Establish all kinds of services and amenities for you and the citizens of the city.

Best mod version for you:

The amazing Reroll Monopoly APK game has been redesigned to meet all your needs. Here you can roll the dice and use different tools. You also have unlimited money and coins that you can use to improve the city. You know scale matters, this modern version is designed with you in mind. This will help you reach new heights and get lots of free food and other goodies.

Mod Features:

  • Stunning Graphics and Sound: The App features stunning graphics with sharp and colorful images as well as vibrant sounds that help create a smooth and immersive gaming environment.
  • Classic Gameplay: This game tells the story of investing in real estate, renting out houses, and collecting rent from other players. You can build houses and try to acquire more properties to become the richest player.
  • Play single-player mode and with friends: It offers single-player mode and play mode with friends through social network connection. You can challenge your friends or participate in multiplayer competitions.
  • Character Customization: You can create a personalized character with different clothing, appearance, and expression options as per your wish. It helps you express your own style and create a personal connection with the game.
  • Event and Strategy Cards: The game features event and strategy cards, allowing you to create unique strategies and change the course of the game. It enhances interactivity and creativity during gameplay.
  • New Areas: In addition to traditional properties, Reroll Monopoly APK offers many new areas with unique investment and development opportunities. It opens up many new possibilities for the players.
  • Online Brain Battle: You can participate in online competitions and tournaments with other players from around the world and test your intelligence and money management skills.


One of the most remarkable things about the graphics of Reroll Monopoly APK is the care and attention to detail. The graphics and images of the game are created with high quality and give the players a true feeling of participating in a colorful and bright virtual life. Every detail from properties to construction projects is presented very clearly.

In particular, This App has invested heavily in creating eye-catching effects. As you build a house on the lot, you can watch each brick grow and beautiful symbols appear. Smooth and beautiful animations make the game very lively as you move around the board.

Finally, the addition of new areas and other creative touches such as event and strategy cards created a unique and exciting entertainment area for players, reflecting the investment and creativity in house development.

How to play Reroll Monopoly APK for iOS

  • Getting Started: The game starts by choosing a character or creating a custom character with your own outfit and appearance.
  • U-shaped arrangement: Monopoly chess boards are often arranged in a U-shape with 40 squares. Each box represents a specific country or event type.
  • Objective: The main objective of the game is to get rich by investing in real estate, renting out houses to other players and collecting rent from them.
  • Financial Basis: You start with a fixed amount and can buy additional land as the property develops. Every move you make is based on the score of the two dice.
  • Building and Upgrading: If you have a group of properties of the same color, you can build buildings on them to increase the rent. This means that renting a house from another player will cost more.
  • Event and Strategy Cards: Event and strategy cards are added to the game. These cards can have positive or negative effects on you and other players and allow for variety and strategy.
  • Play with friends: You can connect with friends through social media and challenge them to live games, creating exciting and engaging games.
  • Online Brain Challenge: Compete in online competitions and tournaments with other players from around the world to find out who is the real ruler.


Reroll Monopoly APK is an innovative and fun version of the traditional Monopoly game. With beautiful graphics, bright sounds, and varied gameplay, this game takes Monopoly to a new level and creates a unique entertainment experience for players. Character customization, event cards and strategies, and new areas add variety and creativity to the game.

Download Reroll Monopoly APK bevindt zich in de categorie Board en is ontwikkeld door Givola Labs's. De gemiddelde beoordeling op onze website is 4,2 uit 5 sterren. Deze app heeft echter een beoordeling 3 uit 5 sterren volgens verschillende beoordelingsplatforms. U kunt ook Reroll Monopoly APK op onze website beantwoorden zodat onze gebruikers kunt u een beter idee krijgen van de toepassing. Als u meer wilt weten over Reroll Monopoly APK, kunt u de officiële website voor ontwikkelaars bezoeken voor meer informatie. De gemiddelde beoordeling wordt beoordeeld door gebruikers van 27696. De app werd door gebruikers van 25 beoordeeld met 1 ster en door gebruikers met 80 op 5 sterren. De app is minstens 7452 keer gedownload, maar het aantal downloads kan 149040 bereiken. Download Reroll Monopoly APK Als u een gratis app voor uw Action-apparaat nodig hebt, maar u hebt een versie van 5.1+ of hoger nodig om deze app te installeren.

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